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About Prime Property Budapest

Working with local and international investors, Prime Property was founded in 2000 and is one of the top real estate agencies in Hungary for residential and commercial properties.

We are very strong in capital cities, especially Budapest and in particular, focus on new opportunities resulting from growing central European countries.

With Hungary joining the EU in May 2004, the real estate market in Budapest has flourished and expected returns over 30% have been produced taking into account appreciation, rental income and small renovations.

Returns are easily demonstrated and are likely to increase as Hungary enters new markets. A prior example of this was Ireland joining in 1973 benefitting from European grants. In addition, Budapest will see many millions of retiring foreigners moving to Budapest over the next 2 decades in order to reduce living costs. There are estimates that UK nationals alone could produce 6 million emigrants by 2020.

Prime Property Budapest with their intimate knowledge of the Hungarian position are very well placed to invite investors from Europe and Canada to join in the Hungarian real estate market at a fantastic time for making real returns on investments

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We are a leading real estate company in Budapest with a great selection of properties that are available on a rental or sale basis. Please contact our friendly Budapest multi-lingual team for any enquiries that you may have.
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