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Property Management Services Budapest

How to make a profit from your property in Budapest?
Do you have a property in Budapest and need someone you can trust to take care of it and maximise your investment in your absence?

Pick any or all of the following options:

• Wealth Protection
Prime Property Budapest will take care of the maintenance and care needed

• Insurance
We will arrange tailor made insurance cover for fire, theft and public liability for the property and contents whilst the property is let out through our qualified in-house broker

• Tenant Screening
We will take the worry out of meeting prospective tenants before contract signing and check personal identity documents, employment proof and bank account statements. This will be undertaken by our property manager

• Regular Inspections
Whether the property  is vacant or let, we will regularly monitor and inspect your property using check lists to ensure all is kept in good order

• Eviction of Non-Paying Tenant
We will ensure payments are made and in the event of breaches of the lease agreement, we will represent your interests. If appropriate, we will instigate payment notices or eviction using the services of our legal team

• Accounting Services
We understand the importance of keeping your tax payments up to date to negate the risk of tax authority fines through the use of our in-house chartered accountants

Rental Yield

We’ll ensure your investment works.

• Rental Department
We have 5 letting agents who let out 50 properties per month under the control of a manager and administrator. Your dedicated lettings manager will try to keep vacancies to a minimum

• Occupancy
Though our optimised marketing activities, we are maintaining a 97% occupancy ratio of our managed portfolio

• Bank Transfers
We will control payments and all associated costs such as utility bills and facilitate monthly funds transfer to landlords

• Cash Collection
Collections are all by bank transfer and this happens through our dedicated home management staff

• Marketing
……. use our own rental and local property websites. We have links to partner agencies, corporate contacts and universities


• Account Management
You will have a dedicated person who will look after all your affairs and be personally responsible to you.

You will be able to access your account information 24/7 for property details, notes, financial transactions, tax returns etc.

Prime Properties

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We are a leading real estate company in Budapest with a great selection of properties that are available on a rental or sale basis. Please contact our friendly Budapest multi-lingual team for any enquiries that you may have.
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