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Buying a House in Hungary?

If you are ready to buy a Hungarian property, you will want to be certain that all will be handled properly by professionals. We consider our company to be one of the leading estate agents in Hungary. Our handlers all speak English fluently and will guide you through the whole process through to the contract and completion and also utilities connections. We can also help to find solicitors or such services as builders to renovate or refurbish your new property.

Will you be able to buy in Hungary?

Not everyone is able to buy in Hungary. We can review your details and advise you. Please note that owning a Hungarian house does not give you residency rights or allow you to obtain a Visa.

Where we can help you

How can we assist you?

  • Budapest is the capital and towards the East of the country. These are mostly flats and apartments either for you to occupy or to rent out or to renovate and re-sell. Properties are very popular at the moment and fast-selling – let us know your needs and we will make appointments for you to start viewing.
  • West – best to get there by car. We have properties in the province of Vas close to the Austrian border. Lake Balaton properties are very popular with the famous thermal bath at Sarvar and only 120km from Vienna. This is a popular area for rentals .
  • Somogy province offers many good priced properties in the area around Dombovar – Nagyatad and Kapsovar. Smaller villages offer good quality properties for very reasonable prices. Baranya province further south is another good option
  • Balatonboglar is an area south of Balaton famous for its vinyards not far from Lake Balaton and larger cities. House prices are very reasonable and £12000 upwards should find you a very nice house.
  • South of Budapest we can offer houses and farms with large areas of land sometimes in excess of 5000 m2 offering privacy for very good prices.
  • East of Budapest is where you will find the more authentic side of the country with older properties set in lovely villages. In particular, we have properties around Lake Tisza, the Northern mountains and in villages located around Eger – Miskolc
  • These are examples of some of the possibilities we offer so please come and ask us to help you!

What will it cost you? (including buying costs, excluding one-time buying tax)

  • £4000 will buy you a basic house in need of renovation
  • >£8000 will buy you a better quality house in need of some renovation
  • >£10000 will buy you a property ready for you to live in or rent out
  • >£50000 gets you a large property with a great location, maybe by a lake or the mountains
  • These prices include everything excluding property tax

Buying Process

  • EU citizens are able to buy in Hungary as with all member states. There maybe some exceptions  – large areas of land  and vinyards , otherwise all is available
  • Meet your agent in Hungary and discuss requirements. We will guide you through the process whilst you are there and after your return home

What is the exchange rate for the Hungarian forint!

Obviously this changes on a daily basis. Examples are:

  • August 2016 – 360 = £1
  • October 2016 – 340 =£1
  • December 2016 – 370 = £1

Contact us

Send us an email to arrange a visit and get the ball rolling to realise your Hungarian dream. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have to one of our English speaking agents who are available every day between 9am and 8.30pm. See our contact page for details

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